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New To Couponing? Make 5 Meals For Under $30 (QFC)

I hear from some of you that you want to learn how to save more on your grocery bills, but couponing can be complicated. I wanted to put together a sample menu this week on how you can feed a family of 4 to 5 five dinners for just under $30 for the week, and have snacks etc. on hand. They will each include meat, carb and a fruit or vegetable. I understand that they are not all made from scratch, or maybe the healthiest meal possible - but this is just to show how you can make your grocery dollars stretch if you really need to. If you have more positive ideas on how folks can get great deals with their food budgets please comment! 

QFC is having a Stock Up and Save Promo this week. You will save $5 when you purchase 10 items. For those of you new to couponing here is a really easy way to take advantage of this sale. You will want to shop on Friday -Sunday so you can also take advantage of the three day sale too. 

Here is a sample grocery list using only printable and eCoupons, or items that do not need coupons. That way you do not need a coupon stockpile to take advantage of these savings. This is just a guide, tweak as it works for your family (for example Hormel Fully Cooked entrees are $3.49 as part of the buy 10 deal, I didnt include as my family wont eat these....but they may be a great option for you. If they are just substitute one or two in the suggested list of 10 items to purchase).

I will also list out some meal ideas (may needs some ingredients from your pantry but the bulk will be included in this shopping trip). Please feel free to provide more suggestions in comments if you have meal ideas that will feed a family of 4 for under $6.

The Grocery List -

(These first list of prices include the $5 savings so be sure to purchase in quantities of 10 if you tweak the list.)

Buy 2 Cans Hormel Masters Chili $.75 ea
- (2) $.75 printable coupons here
= Free

Buy 2 Cans Hormel Chili $.50 each
- (1) $.55/2 printable coupons here
=$.23 each

Buy 2 Cans Valley Fresh Premium White Chicken $.75 
- (1) $.55/2 printable coupon here
= $.48 each 

Buy 2 Boxes Hormel Little Sizzlers Sausage $.50 ea

Buy One Can La Victoria Diced Chilis $.50

Buy One Package Hormel Peperoni or Canadian Bacon (your preference) $.75

It should cost you $3.67 for this part of your grocery list.  Add to that the following items:

1 Roasted Chicken $5.99
1 bag 8lb Oranges 3.99
 Buy One Get One Free Cheese (one 8 oz block mozzerrella one 8 oz block cheddar) $2.99
1 dozen eggs $.99
1 2 gallon milk $1.99
1 package Mission Soft Flour Tortillas $1
Buy 2 Fresh Selection Salads and Get 1 Hidden Valley Salad Kit for free $3 (three salads for $3).
1 Just Bake It Loaf of French Bread $1.50 
2 packages refrigerated biscuits (approximately $1, depending on brand you buy)
1 Loaf QFC Wheat Bread $.99

These items should total $23.44.  Your full grocery bill will be $27.11

A consolidated list you can copy and paste to print is listed below. Don't forget to print out the coupons listed above.

They also assume you have items like flour, tomato sauce, corn, black beans and seasonings. Purchase or modify recipe if you dont - but your grocery bill should still stay under $35. 

Meal ideas with these ingredients -

Roasted Chicken and Salad -
- You will want to make this meal first as the chicken is already prepared
- Use your salad kit
- Cook up your french bread loaf 

- Substitute the sausage in recipe for pack of Hormel. You do not need jumbo biscuits, buy what is cheapest
Slice up some oranges and fry up some eggs to add as side dishes

Chicken Tortilla Soup and Cheese Cedillas
- Use the ingredients that you like in this soup. The expensive part is the meat and since you got your chicken for under $1 this will be a cheap pot of soup! 
- Butter a tortilla on one side and shred up cheese of your choice. Fry the tortilla butter side down over medium heat, add shredded cheese, and top off with second tortilla. Flip when browned and remove from heat after browning both sides. Cut into wedges with pizza cutter.

Pizza and Salad
 -This is an easy pizza recipe using one package of the biscuits you bought. Top with the pepperoni or canadian bacon for protein
- Make up another salad to go with this meal

Chili, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Salad -
-Use the 2 cans of Chili Masters for this meal
-Make grilled cheese with the wheat bread and cheddar block
-Whip up that last salad to go with this meal

Grocery List (copy and paste into a text doc to print) -

2 Cans Hormel Masters Chili
2 Cans Hormel Chili 
2 Cans Valley Fresh Premium White Chicken
2 Boxes Hormel Little Sizzlers Sausage 
1 Can La Victoria Diced Chilis
1 Package Hormel Peperoni or Canadian Bacon 
1 Roasted Chicken (pre cooked in the deli)
1 bag 8lb Oranges  
1 8 oz block mozzerrella cheese
1 8 oz block cheddar cheese
1 dozen eggs  
1 2 gallon milk 
1 package Mission Soft Flour Tortillas (10 ct) 
2 Fresh Selection Salads
1 Hidden Valley Salad Kit 
1 Just Bake It Loaf of French Bread 
2 packages refrigerated biscuits  
1 Loaf QFC Wheat Bread

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