Friday, April 22, 2011

Free is a fantastic price!

So I decided that since today was chock full of Earth Day freebies, I'd be silly not to take advantage of it!!!  First stop today took me to Starbucks...where I scored my early morning dose of caffeine!  Next I went to Target (this wasn't earth day freebies, but I totally scored there!) I got a 10lbs bag of dog food, 5 Maybelline mascaras, Allegra allergy medicine, and a reusable Target bag (which was sitting at the end of the register, and when I said it was neat the cashier just handed it to me).  Next I headed over to the...wait for it...MALL!!!  I really really REALLY do not like going to the mall, maybe it's from working there for far to long, or possibly's the mall!  Anyway, first stop, reusable tote at the Disney store, next to Victoria Secret to get my free Heavenly perfume, then to Helzberger diamonds for a free pair of pearl earrings (go on to their website and sign up for emails and they will send out freebies, like the free pearls I scored), then off to Origins to get my free face wash (you see 2 in the pic because my awesome hubby went in and got one also) and lastly a stop by the Starbucks in the mall to refuel on the caffeine!  Not too bad for less than 2 hours!

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Lorie said...

Free is fun! And you won a $50 gift card to Lisa Leonard Designs over on my blog, so please contact me so you can get something fun for free from her too! ;D