Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Heart Heartsy!!!

Oh holy Moly...I've found another deal site that is now only going to enable my Etsy Obsession!!!  It's called Heartsy.  It is a deal site, liken to Groupon or Tippr or Snoopz or No More Rack or Living Social...well you get the idea.  BUT Heartsy is just so much better!!!  It is a deal site where people with Etsy stores can sell their wears at a group deal price!  You'll get a $5 credit just for signing up, which, if patient, you could probably score some super inexpensive...maybe even free...loot!

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Nicole said...

Sweet! That sounds awesome! I love me some Etsy :)

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is an Etsy store?

Thrilling Thrifties said...

An Etsy is a site with 10s of thousands of people sell the things they make. Some are more obscure some are really beautiful, but it is all handmade. Heartsy is a site where people with Etsy stores can sell coupons, for a lack of better term, at a discounted rate like $20 for a $40 credit. I really love handmade things so this is really awesome to me!