Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Albertsons Extravaganza!!!

Okay, so I was able to get to Albertson's today while my kiddos were in school and it really was worth all the frustration that I had the day before!  I first went to my local Albertson's and did pretty well there.  I was able to get the following:

Transaction 1: 
-14 packages of Jennie-o ground turkey
-10 boxes of cereal
-1 2lb brick of cheese
-7 bags of M&M's
-4 Silk soy milks
-4 Steaks

Grand total:oop was 24.81

I also recieved 3 catalinas for free milk and can submit for a $10 gas card from Kelloggs
(I was able to make this such a rockin deal due to the fact that I was able to get $25 gift card for transferring a prescription, so my total would have been more if not for that.)

Transaction 2:
-10 boxes of cereal
-2 bags of m&m's 
total oop:$11.00
*this would have been cheaper but I only had 1 set of doublers from my paper, and they store was out

It was at this point that I went to a different Albertsons (the one on 181st) where they actually had products in stock! Rather then type this six times here is the run down
6 Transactions:
-6 boxes of cereal in each transaction
-1 bag of m&m's (in my 1st transaction)
Total spent oop: $24.00

So for around $53 dollars I got 56 boxes of cereal, 4 steaks, 14 pounds of ground turkey, 4 soy milks, and cheese...BUT I also have 18 Catalinas for free milk (up to 3.99 value:18x4=$72 savings) AND will be submitting to get $50 in free gas cards...so this turned out to be a total moneymaker!

Oh, and before you go running off to call Hoarders for my cereal hoarding I just want you to know that we will be keeping a few for ourself and donating the rest to a local food bank (same with the milk).  So not only did I get to buy all our cereal for the year, I am making a charitable contribution to my community, and my daughter can't wait to go...she loves to donate!  Yeah...I have to say this was one of my fav trips yet!!!

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Anonymous said...

How amazing!!!!!! I spent 80.00 yesterday and have really nothing??? I dont understand couponing! I wish idid!!! That is so great good job bre!!
Michele gronholm

breanna said...

amazing work Bre!!

Rashell Martin said...

You're amazing! You have to show me the way, oh great mighty wise shopper you : )