Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What will I be doing this week?

This will be a great bed for naps and for kids, but it is not designed to be an adult bed.
Wood pallets (ours a bit smaller than the standard size)
Palm Sander
80 grit, 200 grit sandpaper
5 large caster wheels
4 hinges
Thick foam for the ‘mattress’ – mine is from a fabric store then covered in a down comforter and soft bedding
The instructions are a simple as can be: Sand the pallets good and smooth. Bolt the two together on the tops and bottoms. Add caster wheels to all 4 corners and one in the very center. The wheels on mine are locked, except for the center one. I used an old door to sit behind it – just because I liked how it looked. Simple enough.
Sand and line-up the pallets, use some bolts (or very heavy duty screws) to hold into place.  Add casters, which you can buy at Ikea for cheap and your done!
I love the whole room....wish I had the cute bedding and pretty chandelier!  A few close up shots. I choose not to sand all the markings off the pallets. The last shot is a reflection, not a framed picture.
After this, I'll be making a coffee table with a pallet!!!
Thats the nice thing about projects with can find pallets EVERYWHERE...type it in to craigslist and you'll most likely fine a whole bunch!  I think through the weeks to come I'll be doing multiple posts about all the fantastic things you can make, and do, with pallets

And if you're in need of a toddler bed:
This is pretty much the same as above with the exception of the head & footboards & sideboard.  Take a pallet and cut 2 piece, cut 1/3 of the pallet and use the longer for the head and the shorter for the foot.  Then attach some boards to a 2x4 and bolt that in place and whalah! You now have an awesome custom bed for your precious little one and it cost less than $25 dollar

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