Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Chocolate spoons!!!

Chocolate Party Spoons!

My original thinking with these beauties was that they would become the modern day Welsh Love Spoon. The one you'd actually like to receive on Valentine's Day, as opposed to one of those outrageously over-priced and overwhelmingly useless, hideous, hand crafted, wooden goodfornothings. Those of you not in the same country as I am might not know what a Welsh Love Spoon is, and in this case, Google is your best friend - he's found this for you.

I'm just mad for this one - it's like a jewelled brooch!

The making and eating is ridiculously fun and easy to do; you could even get children to help. You can see that this isn't really a 'recipe', so I'm going to attempt a step by step tutorial.

(A tutorial - ha!)

Now, hold on to your hats, because here we go.

First of all, get yourself some spoons. You can find these at any Dollar Tree.

Then, you'll need some chocolate. I'm not a snob (honest!), but I do think you get what you pay for, so make it a chocolate that you actually feel comfortable eating. Nothing too expensive; you'll be covering it with trashy sweets and sprinkles after all.

While you melt the chocolate, either in the microwave, or over some simmering water, you need to make your spoons level so that when you pour in the liquid chocolate, it doesn't spill.  You simply prop them up with anything suitable - the edge of a plate or chopping board, for example.

Then, spoon in some chocolate. I'm afraid the sun came out and cast some shadows on this, but you get the idea. (Remind me never to do a step-by-step 'tutorial' on party spoons ever again.)

Then you simply go mad with whatever small sweets, silver balls and sprinkles you have. Jelly beans are a must - we all agreed they go nicely with the chocolate, however odd that may sound. If your sweets are chocolate themselves though, wait ten minutes before putting them onto the molten chocolate, just in case they also start melting.

Serve, at parties, with gleeful abandon!

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