Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I'm just so over the moon excited for this blog!  I just thought I'd share some of my favorite things.  First, for all you couponers, or aspiring couponers out there, I found a website called  it is really amazing, you can type in a product and you will then be told where to find the coupon and in what part of the paper.  It's great to check out before that trip to the grocery store, double check those lists...every little bit helps.

Here is a site that I absolutely cherish.  I am big on lists, I have a list for everything...some say it's OCD, I like to think of it as overly organized.  Check out There are all kinds of lists there, pantry lists, freezer lists, spring cleaning lists, vacation lists, chore lists...I just love lists.

Even though my babies aren't, well, babies anymore, I still love to make home made baby wipes.  They are worlds cheaper than buying them in the store (unless you score a killer coupon deal, which I will post when I come across them), and they are great to store in the car, under the bathroom sink, cause, let's face it, they may get older, but they don't get any tidier. 

Baby wipes


•2 1/2 cup Water

•2 tsp Baby Shampoo or Baby Bath

•1 tsp. Baby Oil

•1/2 Roll Paper Towels (Bounty)


Mix water, shampoo and oil in Tupperware container. Place paper towels in Saltine Saver or other long tall Tupperware Container. Pour mixture over paper towels until soaked. Remove inner cardboard and pull wipes from center for use.

I'm going to be spending some time this weekend with my Fix Freeze and Feast Cookbooks to prepare for my big batch cooking extravaganza so I'll be putting up any recipes that I think you just can't live without!

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