Wednesday, April 6, 2011

at long last...the easiest way to coupon...EVER!

Wow, I'm just so excited right now I can barely contain myself!!!  I LOVE to coupon, I love the deals, being able to be a good steward, and the journey couponing is taking me (yes, that's right, I said couponing is taking me on a journey, it's opened many doors!)  BUT with all that said...I get so frustrated when I scored my favorite shampoo (which happens to be know you're dying to know) and got a good deal at store A...I get so bummed when the following week I could have gone to store B and gotten it FOR FREE!!!! just bugs me!  Anyway, there is finally a site that will take it away...It's called Nearly Nothing.  You could log on tonight and buy your inserts for the 4/10 Red Plum RIGHT NOW!!!  Yep you heard me you can now buy the whole insert, and the best part (I gets better) it's $0.95 SHIPPED!  So no more having to buy a whole paper just for the insert, which I love!  They have a $4.95 minimum, but hey for that price you get 5 entire insert rather than buying 30 or so coupons.  Nearly Nothing also lists all the coupons you can find in that insert, incase you didn't remember.  So, whether you're a couponing Queen, or a couponing newbie...this is going to make it that much easier!

***UPDATE...Michelle from Nearly Nothing did confirm that she does ship all over the US, I had someone ask so just wanted to confirm!***

Thanks to Sara over at Plaid Punch for the heads up!

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I know right!!! We should do an "emergency" bulletin to let everyone know. This is going to make coupon group so much more enjoyable!!!