Friday, April 29, 2011

A night of crafts!

Tonight I was able to get together with one of my know...the one I call "The Craft Queen"!  Well We busted out my gramas old jewlery pieces and we got crafty!  As I have said numerous times, I am, by no means, a crafty person.  BUT tonight...I totally rocked it!  I made all kinds of crafts.  I even got a present made for my fabulous momma for mothers day (and since she reads this, I will not be posting a pic of that one).

So here's a little something that I did with my lamenator...yeah that's right...lamenator...I'm that kind of person!  Since it doesn't look like my camera didn't take all that grand of pics, I'll just tell you that these are tags for my dish washer and washing machine to let the kids (and husband) know when dishes are clean or dirty and when there is clothing in the washer that needs to go in the dryer!
Here is a necklace I made with some bits and pieces of things.  The Rosettes are made from zippers that I took the zip off of and then seperated and rolled then glued them all together.
And here's what I did with all the zips...
I glued them so that they did lay all funkey and added them as charms  and made a bracelet and then attached a few of them to earring backs to make a pair for each of my girls

Here are all the headbands I made...I was really excited to wear the black one today, but my daughter woke up before me (for a delightful change) and already had it in her hair...little stinker!

And finally, for good measure...I thought I'd just show the mess I made of everything!  I had so much fun and now I'm so excited to make all kinds of fun things!

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